About Annabel 

Annabel is the Founding Director of YourStyle Health and Confidence Coaching where she helps teachers ditch the overwhelm and find a work-life balance through self-confidence coaching. 

As a teenager, she inherited an eating disorder after experiencing complex grief that led to high levels of anxiety until eventually at 21 she was hospitalised with dissociative disorders. 

Her personal journey of recovery formed the Balance Method and the 6 Pillars of Health and Confidence that has since helped thousands of people ditch the overwhelm and have more self-confidence. 

shallow focus photography of strawberries on person's palm

Who am I kidding...

That all sounds wonderfully formal but let's get real...

Hi, I'm Annabel! 

I'm the girl next door that would love to grab a coffee or sit back on the sofa with a good Netflix movie and relax after a hard day's work. 

It is true that I have experienced severe depression, dissociative attacks and later became homeless and in debt, after a break up left me fighting for my life, but in all that I was given a gift.

Sadly building resilience to anxiety and overwhelm does not have a quick fix. 

Instead, it has 6 pillars that can allow you to feel fitter, healthier, happier and more confident to achieve anything. 

Overtime I released that my body was giving me signals to what I needed if only I was willing to listen. 

I hired professionals to guide me to fill in the gaps but often got frustrated when health advice was contradicting and it would just add more to my to-do list.

I decided to qualify as a holistic health coach to save others time. 

I realised on my journey of recovery that if any of the 6 pillars were to fall off track the other 5 would soon follow. 

By knowing your personal pillars and understanding your own needs and wants you can truly achieve anything. 

My dissociative seizures stopped and even to this day myself and my clients continue to utilise the Balance Method to set our boundaries and allow ourselves to feel fitter, healthier, happier and more confident each and every day. 

Enter Lockdown 2020 when health and fitness stopped being in person 


I had finally done it... 

Debt Free...
Living in London... 
Running my own studio... 

Then in 2020, we were forced to close our doors and I was calm. I made decisions and took action without overwhelm and anxiety. 

In June 2020 I took a week off before the announcement to reopen and made the choice to close the physical studio and move online. 

The 6 pillars of health and confidence did not require a physical location. Clients were understanding themselves more every day. Growing in confidence, losing weight and finding happiness through self-confidence coaching online.

Ping.... Light Bulb Moment 

I did not want to just impact this generation but every generation that is to come. 

As a teachers daughter, I knew how hard they worked and at times what little compassion they would show themselves. 

How, because I had inherited all the same traits before I discovered the Balance Method and the 6 Pillars of Health and Confidence. 

What if I could support the teachers of this generation to discover a work-life balance so they could show up for themselves just as much as they show up for the kids? 

Drumroll, please...

The Teacher Wellbeing Academy was formed!!! 

During 2020 Teacher's are more overwhelmed than ever so I decided to create a 5 day free challenge to hold them accountable to discover a work-life balance and what is truly possible when you set your boundaries. 

You do get to set your boundaries to have a life outside work

You can have more energy to achieve anything 

You don't have to worry about what other people think because you are enough. 

Heck, what is the point of life and doing what you love if you can't be happy?