I’ve had two coaching sessions with YourStyle fitness and I can’t recommend this service highly enough, Annabel is enthusiastic, experienced, dynamic , knowledgeable and encouraging. She has helped me reshape my thinking around fitness and money already. Worth her weight in gold. Thanks Annabel!


I was on a coaching call about confidence with Annabel and it was fantastic! Annabel is very welcoming and provides a safe space to talk about what you want to improve. She explains things so clearly and comes across very supportive. I would highly recommend this service.


Such a supportive environment, particularly good if you want to try a few new things and establish a new fitness regime for yourself. My attitude to fitness and my ability to take time for my own health, recovery and development have all improved since I started ...Fully recommend giving it a try.


 I can guarantee it is more than building my confidence, having fun and be part of something. Annabel really helps everyone, no matter the problem you can face, to regain your body balance and not only. Her approach is unique and genuine.. Girls just go for it! By the way, it can become addictive...I can't wait for the next session!🤗


This programme taught me to follow a healthy lifestyle, by attending classes that I enjoyed and creating healthy habits for life. It helped me understand that exercise and dieting does not have to feel unpleasant, restricting, or punishing etc all the negative words I had associated with it.  Whereas, it can be fun , enjoyable and a whole new way to love yourself. Annabel is a selfless holistic coach who in my opinion finds contentment in helping others. I thank her for her time each week . When she says 'I have your back, Trust her she truly does x


Having a personal coach, has helped me to think and see things differently, turn my negative thoughts to positive one and helped make the right changes. Annabel soft spoken tone build trust and she is encouraging, thoughtful and caring. Thank you.


I attended a workshop with Annabelle last Sunday on 'Confidence after COVID' which was fantastic. She has a very gentle & welcoming manner, you immediately feel welcome and open to share. I very much like the way she was able to pinpoint and identify the exact reasons behind why was carrying certain beliefs, and how this goes on to affect us. I actually recorded my first video story of myself on Instagram inspired after the session, which, is HUGE for me! It was a really positive and productive afternoon, all the other ladies were so kind too. I would highly recommend you attend a session or work with Annabelle as she really does being her own angle to it all.


Very inclusive and a really nice community. So happy I found this place. It has helped me to break a lot of bad habits and create positive new ones without much personal effort.


I felt a little lost as to what my next steps were. I knew I wanted to improve my posture, energy levels and general health/well being, but didn’t really know what that would take. Annabel was there to help every step of the way, from picking out classes that would work towards my goals and providing encouragement and support throughout. 
I have found a new love for fitness and keeping healthy which I haven’t ever found before ... I have learnt that being healthy isn’t about restrictions or going without, it’s about doing what feels good for you, and YourStyle will support you the whole journey regardless of what your goals are. The difference in how I feel from just 4 weeks on the programme is amazing, my mindset has changed through the coaching calls.... I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 4 months time!


I’ve had a couple of confidence coaching calls and I look forward to the guidance each week. Annabel helps us to reach the answers that we are looking for, on our own. She makes us realise what our wants and needs are in a way that is so relatable. The conversation is so easy and comfortable, I would definitely recommend!


A great source for support, building your network, and feeling connected. I had a complimentary coaching call with Annabel and she expertly pinpointed exactly what areas I needed to focus on. I took her advice and I’m already seeing a huge difference in my confidence and outlook for my business. The Meet Thy Neighbour event was fantastic! A really enjoyable evening and so enriching to meet such a nice group of passionate female entrepreneurs. Highly recommend Annabel as a professional coach!


Having worked with Annabel I found her to be approachable, professional and really able to break things down for me to understand where I could make improvements to my work/ life balance. She’s an excellent communicator and a fantastic coach. Highly recommend.