FREE 5 Day Discover Life Outside Work Challenge for Teachers

 FREE 5 Day Discover Life Outside Work Challenge for Teachers

Starts 10th January 2022

 FREE 5 Day Discover Life Outside Work Challenge for Teachers

Starts 10th January 2022

What Balance for Teachers is All About:

Secret #1: How to Reduce Anxiety & Stop Overthinking 

Creating a work-life balance was a huge hurdle for Annabel. She always felt guilty like she should be doing more yet she always felt behind too. Life outside work disappeared until she discovered the Balance Strategy. 

Secret #2:  How to Set Boundaries and Stick to Them 

Stuck in an all or nothing cycle Annabel would set boundaries and then put herself last again as soon as work took over or someone else needed her. Exhausted she discovered simple strategies to find ways to put herself first and  communicate her boundaries without guilt. 

Secret #3: How to Put Yourself First without the Guilt. 

No matter how hard she tried Annabel just kept burning out. She would tell herself that "maybe she wasn't good enough" Until she discovered the Self Care Triangle and learnt to put herself first without the guilt. 

Hi I'm Annabel

Nice to 'meet' you. Over the past few years, I have helped hundreds of educators reduce anxiety and switch off without guilt through my balance strategy.

What I learned through overcoming burnout and coaching clients was that most transformation programs don't focus on lifelong results. They are not person-centered but rather one size fits all leading to short-term fixes rather than improved overall wellbeing.   

It is my aim to reduce stress-related illness in the education sector by coaching educators to better understand themselves and their own personal needs at any given moment so that they can reduce anxiety and enjoy a work-life balance without guilt whilst inspiring the next generation to do the same.  

 What People Are Saying:

"...most enlightening, emotional and empowering journey of my life"


"... this actually goes to the source and helps you understand and manage your feelings"


"...decided that my health and sleep were more important"


", I put me as a priority"


"... transform their lives by starting a journey with you"


"...having one person truly 'get it' makes the world of difference"


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